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A Sequel to Love Actually?

On September 20, 2016

With 97 sleeps until Christmas we are already thinking about dusting off the Christmas films. Love Actually (2004) is always a favourite. We could not be more excited about a sequel.

Co-Chairman of Working Title films Eric Fellner told The Independent that he'd like nothing better than to see a follow-up to Love Actually. “Ding Dong” as Bridget Jones would say.

"My founder Tim Bevan and I would love to do another Love Actually. But that would all be about whether Richard Curtis wants to write another one. But that's one we often talk about."

Colin Firth was just around the corner at a Bridget Jones’s Baby press event so The Independent approached him about a possible sequel.

"Yeah, why not. I'll take whatever comes - just send me a good script and if the people are there ...".

How probable would it be to get the gang back together again? Hugh Grant as the best ever dancing Prime Minister, Colin Firth, betrayed in love and the adored perfect Keira Knightley. What more could we hope for as we approach the holiday season.

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