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Anthony Horowitz is to write a new James Bond novel. It comes on the back of his successful James Bond novel Trigger Mortis, published in September last year.

Horowitz is not the only author to have been commissioned by the Fleming Estate to write new Bond novels. Sebastian Faulks wrote Devil May Care in 2008 to celebrate the Fleming centenary. Jeffrey Deaver penned Carte Blanche in 2011 and William Boyd Solo in 2013.

Horowitz said: "Writing Trigger Mortis was a pleasure and I was delighted by the positive response when it was published. And I was thrilled when the Ian Fleming estate asked me to come back. How could I refuse? I can't wait to return to the world of James Bond."

Horowitz has written over 40 books including the Alex Rider series, a popular series for boys. The first book, Strombreaker was adapted into a movie in 2006. He was commissioned by the Conan Doyle Estate to write the novel House of Silk that was published in 2011. He also wrote the popular TV series Midsomer Murders and Foyle’s War.

This week Horowitz stand-alone mystery novel Magpie Murders is released. You can buy the book here in Australia and here in the UK.

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