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We all recognise the name Elizabeth Gilbert. She took us on a journey of self discovery as she declared the end of her marriage and went travelling to find solace in life. Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love became an international bestseller and was adapted for the screen starring Julia Roberts as Gilbert.

During her travels Gilbert met new beau Felipe (real name: Jose Nunes), a Brazilian born Australian. Both were recovering from divorces.

Back in Australia Nunes ex-wife, Elizabeth Lowrie, was surprised to see her divorce which she perceived to be amicable described quite differently in the press. Everyone seemed to be talking about Nunes ‘bad divorce’.

Now Elizabeth Lowrie has set the record straight in her new novel Committed Undone. Lowrie has dedicated her book to:

“... all the women who work hard to make their divorces gracious.”

Struggling with issues of grief and betrayal Lowrie took herself on a trip to connect with friends and family but most importantly with herself. She visited The Grand Canyon and spent six weeks meditating in a Buddhist retreat.

“This book is written simply to tell the truth as I lived it. I just want my voice to be heard.” Lowrie said.

Will you be reading Committed Undone?

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