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Escape from Planet Earth

On April 11, 2013

By Sophia Whitfield

With the school holidays about to start parents are looking for entertainment to fill the next couple of weeks. The 3D animated family adventure Escape from Planet Earth will do nicely for the five and above age group.

Set on Planet Baab, the film revolves around the Supernova family. Scorch Supernova, the local hero (voiced by Brendan Fraser), is known for his heroic exploits televised around the planet. His brother Gary (voiced by Rob Corddry) is head of mission control, the behind the scenes man who guides Scorch on his missions. Gary gallantly allows Scorch to take centre stage while he deftly guides his missions.

Scorch’s missions have won him the love of television presenter Gabby Babblebrock (voiced by Sofia Vergara) and the adoration of Gary’s son Kip.

When the chief at mission control, Lena (Jessica Alba) intercepts a distress signal from the Dark Planet, otherwise known as Earth, Scorch is on the case.  There are numerous references to pop culture as Earth is described as a hedonistic planet populated by such characters as the very rich Simon Cowell.

Scorch jumps at the opportunity to show his prowess. No one has ever returned from Earth. Gary tries to dissuade his brother from the mission, but Scorch refuses to listen, forcing Gary to resign from mission control.

Scorch lands on Earth at night right in front of a 7-Eleven which stands with its bright lights welcoming Scorch to Earth.  Even a 7-Eleven Slurpee gets placement in this film.

Unwittingly Scorch has been lured to Earth by corrupt leader General Shanker (William Shatner), determined to destroy Planet Baab. After Scorch is taken by Shanker’s army he meets other geniuses from around the universe who have been imprisoned by General Shanker.

Gary rises to the challenge following Scorch to Earth in a rescue mission aided by his lovely wife Kira (Sarah Jessica Parker) and his son Kip, who stands in for his dad at mission control.

Children will be suitably entertained with this all star cast. The pop culture references will no doubt go over their heads, but will not be lost on the parents. Escape form Planet Earth is released in cinemas around Australia today.



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