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Film review: World War Z

On July 4, 2013

By Sophia Whitfield

World War Z is a loose adaptation of Max Brooks apocalyptic zombie novel by the same name, directed by Marc Forster.

Former UN worker Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), now a stay at home dad, finds himself caught up in terror on the streets of Philadelphia. With his wife (Mireille Enos) and two daughters they escape from the zombie influx to a rooftop terrace where they are finally airlifted out to a US warship. It is only then that the true horror of the zombie pandemic is revealed. The opening of the film is spectacular with adrenalin infused action rolling along throughout this lengthy film.

Once on the ship Gerry is recruited to lead a mission into South Korea to discover the cause of the pandemic. He travels with a SEAL team to Korea and then onto Jerusalem where they have managed to escape a zombie invasion until now.

The third act of the film takes place in a Cardiff research facility that may just have the antidote to stop the zombie invasion. However the area of the building they need to access has been cut off, overtaken by zombies. Together the team and Gerry must find a way to reach this possible cure. This last act does slow the pace of the film a little.

Fraught with production woes leading to constant delays, World War Z was released with murmurs of misgivings. Brad Pitt launched a media campaign which saw him travel the globe, including Sydney, to promote a film he starred in and produced. With an estimated budget of over $200 million it had something to prove. At the box office it has done just that with rumours a sequel is already in the bag.

Despite some of the flaws the charismatic Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos lead with aplomb. For a film that found itself released under a cloud of criticism it is surprisingly gripping.

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