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There has been much speculation surrounding the delay of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Vulture managed to catch up with Luhrmann for the inside scoop on the reason behind the delay. Luhrmann told Vulture “I'm just very nourished by just working on it."  But the reason for the delay?  It seems it is all about the music. "Right now I'm working on music. You can imagine how involved I am in the music alone."

In more film news, another Nick Hornby film will soon grace our screens. Get excited! Long Way Down (2005) has a stellar cast that includes Aaron Paul as the failed musician, Pierce Brosnan as the talk show host, Toni Collette as the single mother and Imogen Poots as the unhappy teenager. Can’t wait!

Now to upcoming releases. We are at the business end of the publishing year. Big name authors are being lined up for book tours and their books churned out by printing presses in time for the Christmas rush. The first cab off the rank is undoubtedly Ian McEwan’s  Sweet Tooth which will be released next week. You can read an extract here.

Happy reading!

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