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Precious Thing By Colette McBeth

On August 12, 2013

By Sophia Whitfield

Colette McBeth was a BBC TV News Correspondent for ten years. Her debut novel, Precious Thing, tracks an obsession that will leave you unsettled to your core. Full of suspense and mystery, her novel is utterly compelling.

Rachel and Clara first met when they sat next to each other in a classroom and have remained firm friends despite their differences. Now in their 20s Rachel has a TV career as a crime reporter, but Clara’s life has remained fractured. Mental health issues have hampered her, but still Rachel and Clara remain bound by friendship.

Rachel attends a press conference in Brighton only to discover that Clara has disappeared. Is it suicide, murder or something else? Rachel has the inside scoop as an investigative journalist. The more Rachel delves into Clara’s disappearance the more sinister it becomes. Murder and mystery combine with harrowing repercussions.

McBeth goes back in time to 1993 when difficult childhoods hampered both the girl’s lives. Rachel’s mother Niamh was an alcoholic who seemed to take a prodigious interest in Clara, but readily ignored her own daughter. Her vitriol towards Rachel comes to a head at Clara’s meagre 18th birthday celebration. Clara’s father adores her, but is constantly consumed with fear that there is something wrong, that his daughter needs help for her out of control behaviour.

This dark psychological thriller will keep you guessing. It will keep you awake at night with the manipulative mind games played out by McBeth’s carefully crafted characters.

No more of the story will be divulged as we don’t want to give anything away! It’s a fabulous debut novel from a writer that has inside knowledge from a career spent in a newsroom.

If you liked Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, then you will enjoy Precious Thing.

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