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By Sophia Whitfield

This gripping thriller will surprise you on every page. Written by Karen Perry, the author is a pseudonym for two Dublin based authors, Paul Perry and Karen Gillece.

The novel opens with Harry offering his three-year-old son Dillon a drink as he settles him in for the night. With his son finally fast asleep Harry dashes off to pick up a gift he had purchased for his wife Robin’s birthday. He is only gone for ten minutes but when he returns an earthquake has hit, and the building Harry, his wife and son called home is no longer standing. Dillon is feared dead, but his body is never found.

Five years later Harry’s guilt still engulfs him. Robin has never blamed him for leaving their son alone; she has her own secrets to cover up. Together they meander their way through macabre grief as they struggle with the loss of their son.

Having returned to Dublin from Tangiers where Dillon spent his first three years, the memories of his loss have begun to fade, but Harry has never given up hope that his son might still be alive. One day as Harry makes his way through a crowd in Dublin, he is convinced that he has seen eight-year-old Dillon with an unknown woman. Hurrying to catch up with them, Harry calls out urgently to the boy, but loses them in a swarm of people. Keeping his discovery from Robin, he embarks on a campaign to discover the identity of the boy.

When Robin realises Harry’s intent she fears he is delusional once more, unable to cope with the ever present grief of losing a child. Harry’s dogmatic pursuit of his son threatens to unravel their lives with secrets long buried.

This is a real page-turner - a thriller with a complex family at its centre. We can’t say too much about this novel. You just need to read it.

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