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By Sophia Whitfield
The Secret Life of Luke Livingstone explores one manís journey as he reveals a secret that threatens to tear apart the family he holds dear. Charity Normanís new novel will grip you from the start.

Luke Livingstone is about to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary. Married to Eilish, he lives in idyllic Oxfordshire and is the proud parents of two grown children.

A successful lawyer, he seemingly has everything - a flat in London, a home in the country and a terrific marriage. Yet he suffers from depression. Dark times have frequently visited him. He has spent his entire life hiding his true self from the people he loves Ė his parents, his wife and his children.

One morning it all comes to a head and Luke must decide to change his life forever and become the person only he knows he is or to end his life. He can no longer continue the charade.

Luke has hidden his gender dysphoria from the world but now must confront it. The story is told from the point of view of the people who love Luke - his wife Eilish and his children, Kate and Simon. It allows Norman to explore with insight a family struggling with the news that the man they thought they once knew has been hiding his true identity from them.

Both Luke and his family struggle with acceptance and denial as they attempt to understand their new roles. Written with sensitivity, Norman latest novel is a thought provoking read.

Buy the book here. Norman's novel is published under the title The New Woman in the UK.

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