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Tippi Hedren, one of the biggest names of classic Hollywood and star of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Marnie, tells her story of abuse at the hands of controlling director Alfred Hitchcock. In her own words she reveals what it was like being on set with the possessive Hitchcock.

For decades, Tippi Hedren's luminous beauty radiated from the silver screen, cementing her position among Hollywood's elite-beauty and star power that continue to endure. Others have told Hedrenís story through whispered gossip and tabloid headlines but now Hedren sets the record straight, recalling how a young Lutheran girl from a small-town became a worldwide legend as one of the most famous Hitchcock girls. Her daughter Melanie Griffith followed her into Hollywood and so too has her granddaughter Dakota Johnston.

Tippi Hedren first made claims of sexual harassment against Alfred Hitchcock in the 2008 book by Donald Spoto. The book was made into a film in 2012 starring Sienna Miller. Now she has revealed the events surrounding her rise to fame in her memoir, published this week.

Hedren tells of her complicated relationship with the man who discovered her talent, the benefactor who would become a controlling director. She writes openly about the pain she endured working with him on their most famous collaborations, The Birds and Marnie, and finding the courage she needed to break away.

You can buy the memoir Tippi here in Australia and here in the UK.

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