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TV Guide: November 10 - November 16

On November 10, 2013

There is much to delight on our screens this week. From funnyman Graham Norton and his well heeled guests to the very first pilot episode of 30 Rock. Enjoy!

Sunday: The Graham Norton Show, 9.30pm, Channel 10

The wickedly funny Graham Norton is joined by Jude Law, Sir Cliff Richard, Greg Davies and June Brown.

Monday: 30 Rock, 7.05pm, SBS2

With the final episode of the final season going to air on Seven, the very first pilot episode of this enormously popular series can be seen on SBS. You can now catch up on this classic series every week at this time.

Tuesday: Revolution, 8.30pm, Channel Nine

In a future world where every piece of modern technology has mysteriously blacked out forever, a group of freedom fighters must ban together to survive. Last week’s pilot is followed by an unexpected twist.

Wednesday: Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature, 7.30pm, SBS1

Super-Senses - Richard Hammond continues his exploration of weird and wonderful animal abilities by focusing on super-senses, and discovers how those same animal senses have inspired some unlikely human inventions.

Thursday: Exhumed, 8pm, ABC

Hosted by James Valentine, Exhumed is searching for the best bands you have never heard of. Aging rock stars will be showing off their talent.

Friday: Robin Hood, Channel Seven, 8.30pm

Starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, this is the perfect Friday night movie.

Saturday: Whitechapel, ABC, 8.30pm

The final in this crime series set in Whitechapel London, starring Rupert Penry-Jones.

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