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TV Weekly Guide August 9-15

On August 9, 2015

Sunday: The Politicianís Husband, 8.30pm, ABC
Driven by a desire to avenge his own downfall, and unable to accept his wife's new found success or forgive her betrayal, Aiden plots Freya's downfall as well as Bruce's. Stars David Tennant and Emily Watson.

Monday: Inside The Actors Studio: Robin Williams, 8.30pm, BIO
This memorable episode will touch the hearts of his fans with the one tool that no one wielded better, comedy. Robin Williams almost single-handedly paved the way for comedians who wanted to take their comedic timing and successfully turn it towards the world of drama.

Tuesday: Who Do You Think You Are?, 7.30pm, SBS
Acclaimed actress Toni Collette delves into the unanswered questions of her family history in an intensely personal episode of the series and uncovers a stunning family secret.

Wednesday, The Interceptor, 8.30pm, BBC First
New series: Ash's dream of bringing down the biggest fish in the criminal underworld are realised when he's recruited to UNIT, a new undercover law enforcement team. His knowledge of the street could be priceless, but with it comes an uncompromising way of doing things, and it ultimately forces Ash into a life-changing predicament: how far is he prepared to go to keep the streets safe at the risk of causing irreparable damage to his own life?
Based on the novel The Interceptor: The Inside Story of the UKís Elite Drug Squad, by bestselling author Kris Hollington with former Customs operative Cameron Addicott.

Thursday: Glitch, 8.30pm, ABC
Elishia and Kate operate on Vic's leg, while James and John both increasingly grow suspicious of Elishia after Vic accused her of knowing more than she is letting on.

Friday: The Graham Norton Show, 8.30pm, Ten
Graham Norton showcases his wickedly cheeky sense of humour in this fast-paced interview show. Guests include: Lewis Hamilton, Ewan McGregor, Jack Whitehall, Rita Ora & Dara O'Briain.

Saturday: Jack the Giant Slayer, 9pm, Nine
When young farmhand Jack unwittingly opens a portal between his realm and a race of giants, it rekindles an ancient war. Stars Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci.

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