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TV Weekly Guide November 10 - 16

On November 10, 2014

Monday: The Newsroom, 6.30pm, Showcase
S3, Ep1. Boston: Will, Mac and the News Night are reporting a breaking story in Boston, a strategy that may enhance credibility, if not ratings.

Tuesday: Arrow, 10.40pm, Channel 9
Season 2 finale. Laurel and the Arrow escape the tunnel and the vigilante sets out to get the Mirakuru cure and end the threat of Slade's super-soldiers. However, when Slade gets the cure first, the Arrow must negotiate with Sebastian Blood.

Wednesday: Martin Amis on Britishness, 8.30pm, Studio
Filmmaker Mark Kidel profiles arguably the most provocative and controversial author of his generation, Martin Amis. Amis gives vent to his bitingly critical views on his home country and its relations with the rest of the world.

Thursday: Madam Secretary, 8.30pm, Channel 10
When Elizabeth brings Alison with her to India on government business, an earthquake hits and she's separated from her daughter during the mayhem.

Friday: The Fall, 8.30pm, BBC First
S2, Ep1. Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan reprise their roles as DSI Stella Gibson and Paul Spector in the second series of The Fall. Gibson continues her hunt for the killer who hides in plain sight.

Saturday: One Life with Daniel Craig, 6.30pm, Channel 10
Narrated by Daniel Craig and filmed throughout 12 countries on every continent, One Life celebrates the journey taken by all living things, from the moment they are born to when they reproduce.

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