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Sunday: The Code, 8.30pm, ABC
Premiere of political thriller starring David Wenham and Lucy Lawless. When Ned and Jesse Banks publish a video of a mysterious outback accident involving two teenagers and a truck from a classified research facility, they face the full weight of a political machine desperate to hide the truth.

Monday: The Honourable Woman, 8.30pm, BBC First
S1, Ep2. The Unfaithful Husband: Nessa's past, including her kidnap eight years previously in Gaza, is dug up by MI6 boss Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle, who is intent on getting answers despite being blocked by the CIA. Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Tuesday: Black Sails, 9.30pm, Showcase
Flint and crew engage in a deadly encounter on the open sea while Richard forces Eleanor to make a decision. Rackham tries his hand at a new career and Bonny has a confession to make. Starring Toby Stephens.

Wednesday: Wonderland, 8.30pm, Ten
Tom's chain of one-night stands is a sore point for Miranda, but what's really going on? Colette's happiness leaves Rob feeling lonelier than ever. Grace gets a glimpse of Nick's dark side.

Thursday: Outlander, 8.30pm, Soho
The Wedding: Claire and Jamie are thrown together in marriage, but as their emotional and physical relationship unfolds, deeper feelings arise. Claire is ultimately torn between two men in two very different times.

Friday: As Good As It Gets, 8.30pm, Seven
Melvin Udall is a dysfunctional, crass talking novelist who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Melvin's daily schedule is thrown into disarray, when the only waitress at his favourite cafe who's able to stand him, Carol Connelly, is absent due to her son's chronic asthma. Driven initially by the compulsion to get back to his daily routine, Melvin offers to help her. But Carol's gratitude leads her deeper into the chaotic life of this misanthropic oddball. When his ailing artist neighbour, Simon and his tiny dog named Verdell also enter Melvin's life, Melvin, Carol and Simon begin to discover things about themselves, and each other, that they never expected to learn. Starring Jack Nicholson.

.Saturday: WPC 56, 8.30pm, BBC First
Memories are Made of This: When another woman is attacked in Victoria Park, Gina risks her career to prove Donald's innocence. Meanwhile, Jack discovers some interesting information about the missing boys case.

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