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By Sophia Whitfield
Where My Heart Used To Beat is Sebastian Faulks 13th novel. Itís themes of memory, loss, love and war are reminiscent of his previous novels.

Robert Hendricks is an English doctor with a past. On a small island off the south coast of France Hendricks is forced to confront his past. By the invitation of Alexander Pereira, a man whose time is running out, Hendricks finds himself retelling his life events during the war in Italy in 1944. Pereira, who is also a doctor, entices Hendricks to the island by saying he has information on his father who died on the Western Front in 1918.

The sweeping tale continues on from the war and Hendricks passionate love affair with Luisa from Genoa. Hendricks leaves his time in the trenches behind as he attempts to move on from the loss he has suffered and the colleagues he has loved. He studies to become a doctor and joins two colleagues in the experimental treatments of patients. Insanity looms, beckoning Hendricks.

A moving novel that delves into the memories we keep and those we discard. Beautifully told with historical insight.
You can buy the book here.

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